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The History of the Cloudcroft NM Real Estate Market Spans 500 Years

The first people who settled near what is now the Cloudcroft real estate market included a group of Apache Indians known as the Mescalero Apaches who arrived in the area at least 500 years ago. They are well-known for maintaining small farms and hunting areas that overlooked what is now Lincoln National Forest.

Other people who settled in Cloudcroft included a group of Mexican settlers who arrived in the area in the 1880s. Most of these people continued to live in the area after Charles and John Eddy established a logging camp in the area during the late 1890s.

Demand for lumber that was produced at the logging camp increased in the early 20th century after the El Paso and Northeastern Railroad established train service near the logging camp. This increase in demand for lumber encouraged more people to settle in Cloudcroft.

The demand for Cloudcroft homes increased during the 1900s after tourists discovered Cloudcroft's beautiful wilderness, cool weather and peaceful surroundings. It also increased during the 1950s after automobile enthusiasts discovered the area's ideal location as a summer retreat.

Cloudcroft real estate is now located in a peaceful resort town that is home to many of New Mexico's most popular campgrounds, hiking trails, hunting sites, golf courses and ski resorts. This benefit makes Cloudcroft homes for sale a wonderful value for outdoor enthusiasts who want to relocate to New Mexico.

For more information about the history of real estate in Cloudcroft, please read these interesting articles written by Pat Rand for the Cloudcroft Museum Center.

Cloudcroft Properties Are Located near Many Outdoor Recreational Facilities Homes for sale in Cloudcroft are a tremendous value for outdoor enthusiasts because they are located near many outdoor recreational facilities that offer a great way to explore Cloudcroft's beautiful surroundings.

Most of these recreational facilities are located inside Lincoln National Forest. They include Apache Campground, Cottonwood Trail and the Haynes Canyon Vista scenic area. Moreover, skiing enthusiasts will enjoy the skiing trails that dot the area around Little Apache Trail and the Cloudcroft Ski Palace.

Cloudcroft Is Home to Many Fun and Interesting Attractions Cloudcroft real estate agents are located near many interesting attractions that offer Cloudcroft home buyers a fun way to learn about Southern New Mexico's history and culture. Some of these attractions include the Gillespie cattle ranch, the Lodge Resort Complex and the Sacramento Mountains Museum & Pioneer Village.

Many Fun Events Take Place near Our Cloudcroft Realtor Who Can Help You Purchase a Great Home Cloudcroft is home to many fun events that offer home buyers a fun way to meet new friends. Some of the most popular Cloudcroft events include the High Rolls Mountain Park Cherry Festival, the BAMM Music Festival and the Cloudcroft Lumberjack Day festival. For more information about events that take place near Cloudcroft homes for sale, please visit this website maintained by the Cloudcroft Chamber of Commerce.
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